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Regulatory Uniformity In U.S. Top Priority For ICMAD

As the push to reform cosmetic regulations in the U.S. continues, the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors is focusing its efforts on achieving national uniformity so its small business members will not be unduly burdened by different regulations in different states.

Without state preemption, small businesses in the cosmetics space could face very high costs, ICMAD President and CEO Pam Busiek said in a Feb. 3 interview with “The Rose Sheet.”

“California is an area that has a lot of positive and concerning things happening as well. We’re going to focus more on the West Coast this year and see if we can’t meet more of those companies’ needs.” – ICMAD President and CEO Pam Busiek

“That’s been the biggest concern, because none of us can play in 50 different states 50 different ways,” she explained. “At the state level, if you have to do something repetitively and still stay in the same marketplace, it adds a layer of costing.”

The complete article can be found in "The Rose Sheet."