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Take a few moments to look through the websites listed below which includes links to everything from the FDA, national organizations to general industry sites.

Below you will also find links to ICMAD's Industry Alerts. To view the full alert, you must log in as an ICMAD member.

Government Sites

California Air Resources Board (CARB)

California Environmental Protection Agency

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Department of Health & Human Services

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Government Printing Office

House of Representatives Home Page

Internal Revenue Service

International Trade Commission

Library of Congress

Nat'l. Institute of Standards & Technology

National Institute of Health Sciences/Japan

National Science Foundation

National Toxicology Program

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Office of U.S. Trade Representative       

Senate Home Page

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Trade Information Center (Exports)

U.S. Customs Service

U.S. Department of Commerce 

U.S. Patents & Trademark Office

U.S. Postal Service

Industry Organizations

American Academy of Dermatology

American Association of Testing Materials

American Chemical Society

Health Canada

Look Good Feel Better: Helping Women with Cancer

Personal Care: Info Based on Scientific Facts

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

Society of Cosmetic Chemists 

The Fragrance Foundation 


Beyond Beauty Paris

Cosmetic/Personal Care Magazine

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Cosmetics Magazine

Global Cosmetic Industry

Happi Contract Mfg/Private Label Directory

Happi Magazine

Package Design Magazine


General Sites

American National Standards Institute

Chemical Abstracts Service

Cosmetic Index 

Cosmetic Ingredient Review

European Union

Export Legal Assistance Network

Food and Drug Law Institute 

GCI Supplier Search


US Pharmacopeial

World Health Organization


Industry Alert Items

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Industry Alert - Sep 16, 2016

ICMAD's Summary of FDA's Final Rule on Consumer Antiseptics

Industry Alert - Apr 04, 2016

New Jersey Court Decisions Affect Website Terms & Conditions

Industry Alert - Dec 28, 2015

ICMAD Provides Details on OEHHA Prop 65 Listing of Goldenseal Root Powder

Industry Alert - Dec 22, 2015

ICMAD Responds to Microbead-Free Waters Act Passage by U.S. Senate

Industry Alert - Dec 07, 2015

California OEHHA Adds Aloe Vera and  Goldenseal Root Powder to Prop 65 List

Industry Alert - Oct 06, 2015

Canadian Government Issues Mandatory Survey on Microbead Use

Industry Alert - Aug 19, 2015

California Office of Enviornmental Health Hazard Assessment to Review Safe Harbor Limits for Lead