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Industry Research

Understanding the Beauty Consumer is What We Do


ICMAD's partnership with the Benchmarking Company provides you with key, in-depth  "consumer" qualitative and quantitative research in the beauty & personal care industry.

The Benchmarking Company offers important custom, deep-dive consumer research which allows your brand to be in the know about consumer insights and upcoming trends that will help your sales soar and give you  better understanding of future consumer trends within the industry.

The Benchmarking Company's PinkReport™, a once-a-year dedicated report, uses a panel of over 75,000+ US beauty buyers to get to the heart of "consumer" trends happening now in the industry and reports on subjects ranging from natural/organic beauty to scientific beauty to beauty devices and everything in between.

As an ICMAD member, take advantage of an exclusive offer.  Receive a 25% discount off the price of the 2018 PinkReport™: The New Age of Naturals (available now), a complimentary archived issue of the PinkReport™ and 25% discount off the price of any additional archived reports selected from the list.

For more information on the Benchmarking Company and the PinkReport™, contact Denise Herich at denise@benchmarking