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ICMAD EU Program

The strength of ICMAD throughout Europe.

ICMAD EU Program

ICMAD offers members the opportunity to market their products in the European Union in cooperation with BIORIUS, which is ICMAD’s endorsed partner for EU registration and legal representation.  Together we have developed a program for ICMAD members to comply with the requirements of the EU's cosmetic legislation: the EU PROGRAM.

This program offers both a Responsible Person, located in Belgium, whose address can be used on your packaging (a requirement for importing products into the EU), and can help you prepare your Product Information File, which stays readily available for European authorities at the address stated on your packaging.

For a yearly program fee (in addition to your ICMAD membership), ICMAD members can use BIORIUS’s EU address in Manage, Belgium, where documents are confidentially and safely stored. BIORIUS can also provide additional services to help companies comply with EU, Canadian, ASEAN, Chinese, Russian, and U.S. regulations.

Members participating in the EU program should be aware that product registration in the EU may be easier with BIORIUS (  Compliance with all parts of the new EU Cosmetic Regulation is required and noncompliance can result in fines, mandatory recalls or prevention of future importation.

Before deciding whether to consider the process of compiling safety information and determining who should act as your Responsible Person, ICMAD has prepared a one-page document of questions to consider and answer in advance.

For more information contact Beth Ann Watson at 1-800-334-2623 ext.104 or email

Steps to enroll in the Program:

1. Fill out attached documents:

2. Provide a copy of your Certificate of Foreign Liability Insurance

3. Send payment and documents to Beth Ann Watson, ICMAD, 16775 Addison Road, Suite 420, Addison, TX  75001.

4. Click here to make payment online.