COVID 19 Industry Updates – The Impact on Independent Companies
GMP Compliance and Training

The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD) has partnered with NSF International to provide ICMAD members with exclusive cost savings on NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care auditing, training, regulatory compliance, product testing and certification services. The partnership furthers ICMAD’s efforts to offer its member companies value-based solutions in preparing for cosmetic regulation changes and reforms in both the U.S. and EU.

Auditing and Consulting

  • GMP services will be tailored for ICMAD members to provide step-by-step guidance and support for GMP compliance to ISO 22716
  • Auditing and consulting: 10% discount


  • GMP training services will be offered in the format of webinars, online courses, public courses and on-site training
  • Public courses: 20% discount
  • On-site training: 10% discount


  • Contaminant testing (heavy metals, solvents and microbials)
  • Heavy metals testing: $250/sample or 28% discount
  • Label claim substantiation such as verification of "free-from" claims: Pricing depends on claim/10% discount

Regulatory Support

  • Development of regulatory submissions to relevant authorities among other benefits.
  • Regulatory support: 10% discount

Certification Services

  • Certification services provided by NSF
  • ISO 22716 GMP facility registration, NSF/ANSI 305 Organic Personal Care Product Certification, “Free-From” Claim Product Certification, Sustainability Services, DfE (Design for the Environment), Non-Toxic Product Content:   10% discount   

To learn more about the NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care Program, please contact Casey Coy at or 1-734-904-2995.