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Certificate of GMP

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice 

Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

A “Certificate of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)” is a formal affidavit attesting that the products being exported comply with all applicable laws and regulations including the U.S. Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (“Act”), which requires that cosmetic products not be adulterated or misbranded.  The U.S. FDA has issued a Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance to assist manufacturers to develop processes and procedures to ensure that cosmetics are not adulterated.

This Certificate is provided to ICMAD members on the basis of a company’s warranty that it, or its third-party manufacturer, manufactures the listed products in compliance with the GMP Guidance published by the U.S. FDA and is otherwise in compliance with all laws and regulations that pertain to its facilities and operations.  Please note: This document cannot be altered in any way from the original format or language.

The two-tier pricing model reflects the authentication requirements of the more than 150 countries ICMAD services.  All domestic shipping charges and certification costs are included in the fee.  

Estimated completion time for GMP Certificates is 2-6 weeks from receipt by ICMAD.

Requesting a Certificate of GMP

Download the Certificate of GMP Application Form

For further information on this program, contact Beth Ann Watson, Import/Export Manager at or 800-334-2623, ext. 104