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Barcode Development

Barcode Development

 If you are looking for barcodes to get your product to market, ICMAD has  created a partnership with Simply Barcodes®, an organization that provides  solutions for all-sized businesses. Once purchased, you not only save  money, but you own your barcode with no ongoing fees.

Simply Barcodes® will help you:

•  Feel confident knowing that UPC codes are never recycled.

•  Realize flexibility through your choice of three file formats (jpeg, eps, tiff), included with
   your purchase.

•  By ensuring same day service.

All codes originate with the governing body, GS1. Simply Barcodes® will answer your questions and help you successfully market your product. 
All codes will meet your formatting requirements.  As an ICMAD member, you will receive 10% off the regular rate for each barcode you want to create. 
For more information, contact ICMAD for discount code at 800-334-2623.