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Valdata Systems


Tom Winter, President of Valdata Systems, graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  Valdata was the brainchild of Tom and his two business partners, Bill Winter and Frank Parkinson.  All three owners have their roots in the weighing industry.  Looking at batch process manufacturers, they knew that there was a more efficient way to produce quality product with less waste and, at the same time, increase inventory accuracy.  They felt that cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturers were perfect candidates.  Partnering with Canadian-based Mar-Kov Computer Systems Inc., Valdata Systems was formed in 1996, with almost 50 years of experience in scales and software.  Valdata offers integrated software solutions specifically designed for manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, flavor/fragrance, and other companies utilizing batch process manufacturing.  Their suite of integrated software includes recipe development, manufacturing execution, barcoded warehouse management, quality control, regulatory, planning, order entry and MRP.  “In addition to installation and training services, we can also review existing processes and provide recommendations for improvement throughout the organization.  We also offer complete system validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) for the package that we sell.” – Tom Winter.

Scales and balances are an essential part of any batch process manufacturing business.  While it is important to have equipment that weighs properly, the true value of the scale is in the information that it generates.  The three men recognized this and decided to parlay their knowledge of scales into software that utilized that information.  Their first solution was an execution system that prompted and policed operators through the pre-weighing process.  They did this with barcodes and a direct PC connection to scales.  This immediately eliminated bad batches due to wrong weights and helped customers keep better track of inventory.


Looking to the future, Valdata’s short term goal is to raise brand awareness through trade shows and other marketing outlets.  Long term, they want to develop a client base that is deserving of the kinds of solutions that Valdata can deliver.  Tom Winter said, “We are focused on batch process manufacturers.  We are continuously looking for gaps in our software, based on customer feedback.  We started with manufacturing execution and have migrated to LIMS, WMS, MRP and are now developing capacity planning, a regulatory module, and more.  We are constantly looking for new opportunities to better serve our customers and increase our footprint.”  Valdata’s success is the result of focusing on a niche market with a product that outpaces the competition.  “Mediocre products and effort will always produce mediocre results.  We want to provide the best possible solution for our clients, so we listen and we work hard to give them what they need!” Valdata believes they are unique because they introduce solutions that positively impact the entire organization.  They help companies increase quality, increase efficiency, create employee accountability, and reduce overall cost, increasing the bottom line.  The ROI on their offering is the gift that keeps giving.  “Manufacture with confidence”

When asked why Valdata Systems joined ICMAD Tom Winter replied, “because of the large potential for reaching out to manufacturers who don’t always have the same resources as large, publically-traded, multi-national organizations.  Just because a manufacturer may not be as large as the ‘big guys’, the requirements for efficiency and quality are the same.  Valdata was looking for an outlet to reach those companies who needed world class solutions but didn’t necessarily have a world class budget.  Our solutions are affordable and quite frankly, perfect for ICMAD members.”

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