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Toba Remedies


Toba Remedies LLC was founded in 2011 by Dr. Tara O’Brien-Adkins in Bellmore, New York.  Dr. O’Brien-Adkins is a Board Certified Chiropractor who wanted to create a line of natural health and wellness products for people who want to live healthy and active lifestyles who also want and need
effective natural products with ingredients they can trust.  Dr. O’Brien-Adkins founded the Kaizen
Centre for Health & Wellness in 2000.  Her intention was to create a full service health and wellness center providing chiropractic care and physical therapy for sports injuries, back pain, sciatica, and more.  As. Dr. O’Brien-Adkins began to work with patients she started to carefully consider the products and ingredients she used in their care.  The connection between natural, restorative ingredients and a supportive philosophy became her inspiration.  This inspiration led to the research and development of unique essential oils formulations that aid and enhance her patients’ on-the-go lifestyles.  Toba Remedies creates organic body care products.  They use organic, naturally-derived ingredients so that you feel safe and healthy while improving your mind and body.  The company’s main product is Sore Point, an essential oil available as a spray or roll-on that addresses muscle soreness.  Their range of organic products additionally addresses stretch marks and scar reduction; face, hand, and body lotion; organic pain relievers, organic stress relief, organic relaxation, and motion sickness remedies.  

In 2011, Dr. O’Brien-Adkins joined a team of researchers at Atmosphere Essential Labs on Long Island, New York to prefect product formulations.  Meeting high organic standards, the Toba line developed and continues to grow.  Dr. O’Brien-Adkins said, “We have plans to expand Tõba Remedies by having our products, mainly Sore Point, available for sale on other online retail outlets.”  Dr. O’Brien-Adkins believes her company’s success is attributed to the positive feedback and patient approval that has made them strive to make these products known and available to anyone that leads an active lifestyle.  Toba Remedies’ company motto is “Accomplish Anything!” “Settling in any aspect of life is never in style”, said Tara, “with roots in practicing physical medicine, it has become evident that chasing a problem will never suffice for a patient to be satisfied; we aim to solve problems.”  Toba Remedies is aligned with the philanthropic cause One Warm Coat Foundation and is also a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, meaning our products are not tested on animals.  Toba Remedies products are currently sold online at, as well as at the Kaizen Centre for Health & Wellness.  

When asked about the relationship between ICMAD and Toba Remedies, Dr. O’Brien-Adkins remarked, “Tõba Remedies has grown as business in part due to our company’s ICMAD membership. Particularly, ICMAD’s educational opportunities and networking events have aided our business.  We love attending the ICMAD receptions at tradeshows to meet fellow independent cosmetic businesses and to learn about their company’s practices and successes.  Additionally, the FDA Cosmetic Regulations workshop offered by ICMAD taught us a lot about industry regulations.”

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