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Solésence is an exciting new beauty science company that develops and manufactures award-winning beauty products for both emerging and leading brands.  “Brands that work with us receive a patent-protected beauty product that boasts a novel, luxurious texture and an unprecedented level of efficacy — putting their customers on the path toward healthier, more youthful-looking skin” said Kevin, “our patented Active Stress Defense Technology provides world-class, comprehensive environmental protection that improves skin complexion, texture, and tone by defending against the UV- and pollution-induced oxidative stress that causes skin to age long before we do.”  Kevin Cureton, Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President of Solésence Beauty Science, LLC, has a unique vision for defining how to develop technologies and products that delight the consumer while enhancing a brand’s value.  He has spent over 15 years in senior management roles in the beauty industry, including founding and leading AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions (HBS) and working in an advisory role for the launch of one of the first mobile-phone-based apps that integrated skin analysis and product selection.  Solésence’s parent company has been a supplier of zinc oxide for sun protection to the industry for almost 20 years.  “From our experience, we developed a one-of-a-kind product offering that quenches
free radicals, which we refer to as Active Stress Defense Technology.  Through this platform, we offer 
our brand partners products that deliver best-in-class environmental protection and a luxurious skin feel, so that brands can deliver a patented beauty solution that improves skin complexion, texture, and tone with a product that customers love to use.”

Solésence continues to invest in helping both indie and global beauty brands achieve their growth goals.  Part of this investment is innovating in novel formats, textures, and technologies for  environmental protection.  They have already expanded to supply companies in the UK and EU, and are completing the requirements for site approval in Australia to allow their brand partners to confidently sell products on a global basis.  Solésence operates on the premise that they only succeed when their clients succeed, and this drives their commitment to delivering the best product possible every time.  “We are unique in our product offering”, said Kevin, “but also in our commitment to brands’ success, and in the way we approach the beauty brand - product developer relationship.”  An example of this is the Oprah Magazine Beauty O-Ward recently won by their brand partner, Colorescience, for a product Solésence developed in collaboration with them and now supply.  When asked about the relationship between Solésence and ICMAD, Kevin said, “We believe ICMAD plays a vital role of being the voice for small and independent brands and suppliers in the beauty industry.  At its core, ICMAD supports the continued healthy growth of the beauty industry, which is the foundation for all of us to grow.  We believe that over the long term, our investment and increased involvement in ICMAD will be an important part of supporting the growth of the industry and ultimately our client partners’ growth
and the growth of Solésence.”