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It’s a 10 Haircare, Inc.

Carolyn Aronson is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist and is the founder and CEO of It’s a 10®, Inc.; one of the only female-owned, professional, haircare brands in the world.  A self-made entrepreneur, Aronson has been a hairstylist and salon owner for over 20 years and she continues to hold licenses in multiple states.  It’s a 10® Haircare was born out of Carolyn’s frustration with brands that produced dozens of products with single benefits and hard-to-follow claims.  She envisioned a line of products that suited everyone and delivered full, salon-quality results in just one bottle.  She began with the line’s star product, Miracle Leave-In, and the line quickly rose to fame through professional hairstylists who shared the cult-favorite with their clients.

It’s a 10®, Inc. is an established, professional, haircare line offering exceptional multipurpose products via salons and beauty supply stores worldwide.  It’s a 10® Haircare is dedicated to providing customers with the best hair experience possible.  It’s a 10®’s collections include exceptional 10-in-1, multipurpose products perfected and simplified into one unique lineup providing solutions to all possible haircare needs.  Carolyn plays a direct role in the research and development of each line.  She continues to drive the creativity and quality of the line through a hands-on approach of each refinement to the product lines. Carolyn pours her love and many years of experience into every product she conceives!

Carolyn Aronson believes the success of It’s a 10® Haircare is a result of its multifaceted, undeniable formulas that have helped the brand thrive over the past 13 years.  “It’s a 10 stands by our products.  We deliver the best in quality ingredients, we never test on animals, and we produce only high-quality, salon caliber haircare products.  It’s a 10 accomplishes 10 things – instantly – in just one bottle.  That’s what makes us unique.  What takes other haircare products multiple steps and bottles,  It’s a 10 delivers in just one bottle! Through our tailored collection of products, our customers can enjoy an even more enhanced haircare and styling experience.” – Carolyn Aronson.

In May, It’s a 10® will launch nationwide its new The Blow Dry Collection.  The collection will include a Glossing Shampoo, Glossing Glaze Conditioner, and a Blow Dry Balm to start; a Texture Spray and Split-end Mender will launch in the fall.  It’s a 10® haircare products are sold in 25,000 professional salons and in retail chains like Ulta, Regis, and The Salons at J.C.Penney. When asked about ICMAD, Carolyn Aronson said, “ICMAD was recommended to me by a member and I have been a member for over 10 years and plan to continue to be a member.”

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