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At the age of fifteen, Tiffany Andersen survived a traumatic car accident that nearly left her paralyzed. Fifteen years later, after being diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she knew she had to drastically change her lifestyle. Consequently, Tiffany’s passion for skincare began by turning these tragedies into triumphs and she began her search for elements that would help restore her body. She has over 20 years of esthetic experience, holistic healing, a certification from the American Institute of Esthetics (AIE), and a graduate of the highly acclaimed Rayner Institute where she earned the distinction of “Certified Esthetic Clinician”. With the support of Dr. Jin Lee, of Renew Medical Spa in Las Vegas, along with an internationally respected cosmetic chemist and toxicologist, her toxin-free, organic skincare line, Gavée Gold was born. The anti-aging skincare line has exclusive proprietary ingredients not found in any other skincare products. Their ingredients include metal-free, organically extracted, purified 24K liquid gold that is meticulously infused into their formulations, resulting in beautiful, luminous skin without the use of toxic chemicals. “It is a blessing for me to share my discovery and introduce these unique therapeutic elements,” says Tiffany.


Tiffany is currently in the process of the soft launch of her new vegan bath and body line, Salts Alive,
which will be carried in a national chain of over 100 high-end yoga/fitness studios. Gavée Gold
will continue to release new formulations over the coming year. Their long-term goals include a
foundation inspired by Tiffany’s passion to support those struggling with illness or recovering from
a traumatic incident. Tiffany’s mission is to inspire H.O.P.E: Health and beauty, Optimism, Peace,
and Encouragement.  Facing a highly competitive market, Gavée Gold built their fan base by introducing the VIP Founding Members Club, a monthly subscription plan offering members products valued at approximately $225.00 for only $79.00 a month. “We have been supported by top industry leaders and have created non-toxic formulas that our customers have fallen in love with. Per our mission, we are committed to introducing organic, yet high-performing products to the market. Our corporate mission is to raise the bar for safe cosmetics through Green Awareness for the Vitality of Eternal Earth (GAVEE).” Currently, Gavée Gold products are sold online and in medical spas.
“ICMAD does a great job in supporting our industry with a platform from which we can all collaborate
and learn. Winning the 2016 Innovation Launch Campaign Award was such an honor and gave
us the confidence that we are on the right path. It has also further motivated our team to work
harder than ever to communicate our message of H.O.P.E. and to raise the bar for safe cosmetics.
We look forward to a successful relationship with ICMAD.” – Tiffany Andersen