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Flip-It! Cap Company


Steven Epstein grew up in a family-owned manufacturing business, which included ownership of a plastic bottle blow molding operation.  After attending Tulane University, Steve began running a large contract manufacturing business located in Oklahoma.  His company blends and fills personal care, HBA, and household items for Fortune 500 clients.  His experience with bottles brought to light a common problem faced by most people who use products in bottles - it's difficult to get all the product out and throwing product out is throwing money out! Thus, Flip-It! Cap Company was born! The Flip-It! bottle draining system is a problem solver.  The Flip-It! cap get the last bits of product out of plastic bottles when either the pump quits or the level just gets so low that it becomes problematic to extract the remaining contents.  Designed to fit most bottles used around the world, Flip-It! allows salon owners and stylists to effortlessly get every drop they've paid for and put revenue back into the cash register instead of into the waste bin.  Flip-It! Cap Company came to market in May of 2014with an all-purpose version for the home and entered the professional beauty industry in September of 2015.


The future looks bright for Flip-It!.  Currently, they are investigating colored gaskets as well as building two new molds for two smaller size bottle neck threads commonly used around the world. President, Steven Epstein, said, "Our plan is to continue to expose the Flip-It! system to the professional beauty industry as it belongs in every salon and spa around the world.  We have distributors in eight other countries and continue to grow our international presence.  We want every salon in the world to have a set of Flip-It! caps on hand and in use."  In addition to beauty, Flip-It! is looking to penetrate the food service, hospitality, construction, and consumer markets.  "No one else does what we do", said Mr. Epstein, "Flip-It!...because every ounce counts!"

When asked why Flip-It! Cap Company joined ICMAD, Mr. Epstein said, "We entered and won the ICMAD CITY awards category 'Member's Choice Best New Product of 2016' last year in Las Vegas. We very much appreciate hte exposure and recognition that this award brought us, and we felt that it was the right thing to do to support the organization by becoming a member."