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DLG Naturals


Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti’s passion for providing income for poor rural women sparked her drive for a socially responsible company.  Because her children had allergies that were attributed to highly processed foods and chemicals common to personal care products, her focus turned to healthy natural ingredients.  With a Ph.D. in political science and expertise in governmental systems, her research talents facilitated her partnerships with regional scientists.  DLG Naturals produces and supplies premium Southern African botanical oils.  DLG purchases oils through a variety of channels including their own production facility in Botswana.  In the U.S., they provide QA/QC testing to ensure that the oils meet their stringent standards.  Dr. Duerst-Lahti carefully monitors the organic and natural segments of the personal care industry to determine which Southern African oils will be suitable for sustainable global distribution and will align with long-term industry trends.


DLG Naturals is family and women-owned and as such they know that enabling women to produce their own incomes will bring real, sustainable changes to the regions where they do business.  DLG Naturals is expanding in South Africa by merging with other suppliers to add products and raw materials from the region.  Their premium products include; oils - Marula, Kalahari Melon Seed, Baobab, Ximenia, Mongongo, and Moringa; and butters - Mafura and Nilotica Shea.  DLG Naturals contributes its success to the persistence and dedication of its employees.  “We believe that DLG can model rural community empowerment through commerce”, said Sales Director Mary Jo Knueppel.  “Our employees’ determination, persistence, and passion for natural products, along with socially responsible business practices, make our company unique and ultimately successful.” 


When asked why DLG Naturals chose to join ICMAD, Ms. Knueppel said, “DLG chose to join ICMAD because its members understand and appreciate DLG’s fortified, efficient supply chain and inventory processes.  ICMAD is the association for savvy conversations about skin and haircare innovations. They host many beneficial networking opportunities that have fostered cutting edge ideas and actions.”

Founded in 2015.