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DefineMe Fragrance


DefineMe Fragrance was born from a deep desire to help make a difference in women’s lives.  Founder and CEO, Jennifer McKay Newton, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and was a practicing interior designer for 15 years.  She decided to start a new journey and began with the idea of creating more meaningful products; products that would make a positive impact in people’s lives.  In 2011, she launched Pure Designs for Living.  While creating her “I am” line, a line of organic soy candles, she not only discovered her passion for creating scents but also realized the strong connection between scent and well-being.  This was the catalyst for launching DefineMe Fragrance.  By understanding the connection between scent and emotion, Jennifer found fragrance to be a powerful way to deliver positive affirmations; affirmations such as being worthy of love, being respected, feeling confident, and having the strength to pursue your dreams.  DefineMe offers a collection of award-winning fragrances that embody inspirational personalities.  Every bottle represents mold-breaking, barrier-crushing women that speak to different qualities: being confident, creative, strong, free-spirited, loving, passionate, and fearless! As part of their mission to empower, DefineMe established early on that giving back would be an essential part of its lifeblood.  “We were moved by the hardships that many girls face in receiving what they feel is a basic human right – an education”, said Jennifer McKay Newton, “our co-mission quickly became to give these girls the chance to achieve their dreams by providing educational scholarships directly through our sales.  From every bottle of fragrance purchased we donate $1 to She’s The First, a non-profit who gives scholarships to girls in low income countries.”


DefineMe’s short-term goal is to stay focused on growing with their retail partners, distribution, and expanding into bath and body.  They are currently working on expanding their distribution in the U.S. and the EU.  They are launching new hair fragrance mists this October and will be launching a new scent this winter as well as beginning their bath and body collection in early 2018.  Long-term goals include bringing on a partner and that would allow them to grow exponentially, giving them the ability to help girls throughout the world get an education.  When asked what makes DefineMe successful, Jennifer said, “I think it’s a combination of good timing, being a millennial fragrance brand, being indie, using unique natural and organic ingredients, and having a purpose with the fragrances.  In addition, our giving back program ticks all of the boxes of what modern consumers are looking for in the beauty brands they support and love.  Our company is very unique because our fragrances are designed to help empower women.  They have a unique personality, they’re made with unique ingredients, we’re vegan and cruelty free.” DefineMe’s motto is “It’s not just a fragrance, it’s a movement”.  When asked why DefineMe Fragrance joined ICMAD, Jennifer McKay Newton responded, “We joined ICMAD because we believe it takes a village to succeed and relationships are everything.  ICMAD essentially opens up a world of possible relationships for us and that’s truly priceless!”

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