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Coptis Software Solutions was founded in 1999 in France. Coptis provides innovative technology solutions to optimize performance and reduce time-to-market for the cosmetic companies such asformulation & application laboratories, cosmetic manufacturers, development subcontractors, toxicology and testing companies, universities, consultants and quality control. 

With a career at YSL and Sanofi Beauté, Anne Karagoz had an excellent understanding of the needs of manufacturers in terms of software solutions, both on formulation and regulatory aspects. In 1999 she decided to launch a tool dedicated specifically for cosmetic laboratories.

Coptis Lab is the company’s flagship product, an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs which includes a global regulatory tool. Coptis Tab, the complementary mobile module to Coptis Lab, allows formulators to manage weighing of raw materials and follow up on tests to perform. Finally, Coptis Docs by M-Files, is the Electronic Document Management System.  Coptis also provides Coptis Ingredients, a database that identifies and describes more than 13,000 cosmetic raw materials.

Coptis has more than 16 years of experience with exclusive focus on the cosmetic industry.

There are more than 1000 Coptis Lab users worldwide with 200 companies in 24 countries. Coptis is a member of NPA, Cosmetic Valley, COSMED and ICMAD. 

Coptis exhibits at international trade shows and advertises through professional, specialized press, websites and webinars. They find their international exhibitions efforts to be the most successful.

Coptis’ main goal is to equip laboratories worldwide and to ensure that all their users benefit from the ongoing evolutions of their technology systems and supporting tools.


Coptis’ dual competencies in IT and cosmetics ensure the continuous improvement of their solutions, taking benefits from their cosmetic expertise and direct recommendations from their users.  Coptis involves their customers in exchange meetings to enable their tools to evolve according to their clients’ expectations.

Plans for expansion include a new Packaging module integrated with Coptis Lab and to continue to position themselves as worldwide market leader in data management system for cosmetic laboratories.


Their motto: “With the Coptis Lab software, we guarantee our customers laboratory efficiency, improved performance while ensuring regulatory compliance & market requirements to speed up product launch with utmost reliability of information. Our success is the result of diligence in designing the appropriate software for the cosmetic R&D laboratory.”