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After experimenting with crayons, mascaras and powders to touch-up her gray roots, Joan Lasker, developed a marker that dispensed real hair color for temporary gray touch-up in between colorings. She knew “permanent hair color is not permanent.” Thus, ColorMetrics was born.

“I wanted three things in my products,” Joan Lasker says, “They have to be made with real hair color that actually bonds to the hair, mistake-proof and easy to apply. And they must be patentable.”  Lasker got her wish. ColorMetrics is a leader in developing temporary gray roots touch-ups.

In fact, ColorMark and TouchBack were recognized as breakthrough products, winning many top industry awards for innovation and performance. The products can be found in ULTA, Sally Beauty and salons, as well as Walgreens and CVS stores.

Lasker is a former a beauty editor at Vogue and served as president of Cosmetic Executive Women. All of this experience, including serving as head of PR for L’Oréal, has helped her to build ColorMetrics—She has assembled a small management staff and outsources everything else: compounding, filling, fulfillment, packaging, legal services, testing and compliance. She works with chemists in her own laboratory to develop new products.

The company’s success comes from getting the products’ name in the marketplace. “I am a big believer in the power of public relations. I spend a lot of time on our PR efforts, and therefore, it is our most successful venue,” she says. Social media is another important way to find customers, and Lasker recently launched an advertising campaign on television.


“We are successful because we develop niche products that are unique and fill a need that hasn’t been met,” says Lasker. ColorMetrics believes that it is important to develop a product that is in a new “space.” It will be launching a new line in 2015. Its long-term goal is to continue to grow and to attract new, top-level executive talent through direct hires or strategic alliances.

A member of ICMAD since 2003, ColorMetrics has used its membership to keep informed about fast changing regulatory issues and take advantage of the many special partnerships that ICMAD offers.

ColorMetrics is a leader in creating temporary hair color for gray root touch-up. “Our mantras are Gray Roots Gone Instantly and Non-Stop Color. We continue to be the only company that uses real hair color to touch-up gray roots—color that does not flake or rub off,” says Lasker.