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Coastal Salt & Soul


“California has always been my muse, my ‘Golden State of Mind’, where freedom is the oxygen of the soul, where individual style lives, and where the pursuit of dreams and optimism meld with beautiful beaches and endless sunny days”, says Founder, Alisa Beyer.  Alisa is passionate about bringing her California lifestyle into the lives of those fortunate enough to live seaside and for those who dream of doing so.  Alisa believes that if solely the sound of the ocean can so greatly soothe the mind; imagine what its touch can do for the body and soul.  The rich abundant sea is the inspiration and ingredient source for all of Coastal Salt & Soul’s products and scents.  

At its core, Coastal Salt & Soul is a sea-powered collection of butters, bubbles, and scrubs that provide ultimate body hydration using healing ocean ingredients and coastal botanicals to deeply nourish the skin from head-to-toe and bring serenity to the soul.  We live, breathe, and butter by the motto, “the body is the new face.” Each product’s scent is hypnotic, free-spirited, and inspired by the California coastline’s sun-drenched and salt-bleached beauty; hand-poured, hand-packaged, California-inspired.  Alisa has an award-winning track record in the beauty industry, having worked with Indie startups to 13 of the top 15 global beauty companies.


Alisa Beyer, and Director, Colby Caldwell, work in conjunction to develop all of the brand’s product formulations, packaging units, and luxury fragrances.  Coastal Salt & Soul collaborates with the industry’s most innovative partners to develop and manufacture every product.  As a new brand, having just started shipping goods to retailers in May 2015, Coastal Salt & Soul is still very much an indie brand.  In order to grow and succeed, stagnation is not an option.  So, they are consistently surveying their customers and retail partners in order to receive feedback on what’s working, what’s favorited, and what’s requested.  Coastal Salt & Soul products are sold in luxury spa and prestige independent retail locations.  The brand launched its own eCommerce site in April 2016,  The products will be available on starting October 3rd and will be launching on-air for QVC in February 2017.

Alisa has been involved in ICMAD since the foundation of her last venture, The Beauty Company.  ICMAD has provided Alisa the opportunity to network with other beauty gurus, meet potential partners and manufacturers, gain vital industry knowledge, establish a platform for her former clients and brands, as well as provide a community of like-minded, innovative men and women who have proven to be very important to Alisa and her business over the years.