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Chella Brow


Chris Kolodziejski, Founder and CEO of Chella, graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Finance and went on to play professional football with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He also developed real estate in Malibu, CA, and had a career in the investment banking world.  After
realizing that Baby Boomers wanted to look younger, launching a cosmetics company seemed like the natural thing to do.  Chella was founded in 2003.  After seeing where such a large focus and demand was, on eyebrows, in 2011 The Chella Brow Bar with the Chella Brow and Eye Collection was also born.  “We make women feel more beautiful.  Nothing can complete a look more powerfully than a proper brow make-over”, said Chris, “With over 100 locations nationwide and distribution in 12 countries, we have put together the definitive assortment of brow products we call Chella Brow and Eye Collection.  We provide brow services through our Chella Brow Bar locations.”  From being a southern California-based company, selling to boutiques and spas, Chella started with 5 products and has grown to over 65 products.  


When asked about the future of the Chella line, Chris Kolodziejski said, “Our complete focus is on
brows.  There is so much to do to complete and extend our line in the brow and eye category.”
The company has seen growth at a rate of 100% a year, 7 years in a row.  “We are keen on staying
focused on the market that is right in front of us and growing the Chella brand globally.”  During the
last decade, brows have led the prestige cosmetic sector with over 20% growth in sales each year.
Chella is committed to taking a leadership role in training and educating both retail and professional
customers on “How To Brow In 3 Easy Steps”.  Chella’s goal is to simplify the brow and eye beauty
routine into easy steps to create a complete and beautiful look.  Chella shares their customers’
passion for this routine and wants to be seen as the “go to” authority for consumers and salon and
spa professionals worldwide.  “We will continue to build our consumers’ confidence and help drive
the growing brow and eye category by expanding the Chella brand and jointly building Chella and
our partners’ business.”


When asked about being an ICMAD member, Chris said, “It has been invaluable to us as a resource
to be mentored, to network, to meet great people, and to learn from our peers.  It has been an
irreplaceable element for us, and after 14 years, is why Chella is still a member.”  Member since 2003.