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Caribbean Breeze


Caribbean Breeze was founded in 1992 with the objective of developing a new line of sun and skin care products: the goal being to provide the consumer with a high quality product, upscale packaging, and competitive prices.

“My family has owned several businesses. We put all our effort into developing Caribbean Breeze,” said Caro­lyn Capps. She added that from being in business for so long, they had learned that hard work, community, honesty, organization, good quality products and per­severance are the attributes for a successful business.

Caribbean Breeze started in the U.S. market but soon decided to also pursue the international market. Now, it has grown to more than 40 products, which are sold nationwide and in over 50 countries around the world in resorts, specialty stores, boutiques and more.

The company’s publicity efforts include social media, posters, billboards, magazine, newspapers, sport sponsorships, and more. The most traction comes from social and written media and spon­sorships.


Caribbean Breeze would like to sell its product on every continent. “We want to distribute our prod­ucts to customers and work in direct communication with our international distributors.” Currently we are preparing to sell in several new countries and are beginning registrations worldwide. We would like to continue growing in all markets and eventually create a year-round prevention demand

The main focus for Caribbean Breeze is customer service. “This has become the main difference with our competition. Also our quick turn-around of orders keeps our customers supplied with fresh product in an efficient time frame,” said Capps.

A member since 2010, Capps says ICMAD has been an amazing partner for our international growth. The support from ICMAD has given us guidance in achieving our goals.

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