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Stephen P. Blythe, CPA, started Blytheco in 1980, when he discovered that many of his clients needed help finding the right software systems for their businesses. Blytheco was the first Sage software reseller and quickly became the nation’s leader. Blytheco is now an award-winning reseller of various types of software solutions.

Blytheco believes that risk assessment, change management, marketing strategy, process work flow improvement and refinement of best practices assure a successful implementation of a software solution tailored for specific business objectives. 

Blytheco’s leading solution for cosmetic manufacturers is Sage X3, which provides exceptional manufacturing process management, capacity planning, mixed-mode manufacturing process planning, financial management and much more. Blytheco also develops custom solutions for clients that integrate different software packages to meet the company’s unique needs. 

Blytheco began with two employees and offered one product.  Today they employ over 100 employees across the U.S. in six states and work with over 5,000 clients.  They now offer 17 products.  

Blytheco utilizes different marketing techniques. Content marketing, including webinars, infographics and white papers, tends to be very successful. Its website is an excellent source of leads, as it is fully SEO-optimized. Social media has become a growing source of website traffic and new contacts for Bytheco.

Blytheco is unique because it was one of the first companies to help small- to medium-sized businesses find the software they need and to help them customize and implement that software to maximize its value. 


Blytheco attributes its success to a deep commitment to helping companies achieve desired results, and to a team of consultants who go above and beyond to find the right solutions. Their brand promise “helps find the right solution for your business, even if it means referring you to another solution provider.”

Blytheco’s short- and long-term goals are one and the same: to help as many companies as possible achieve their goals with the best technology for their needs. They will continue to help companies identify their needs and recommend the right software, regardless of whether they provide that software or not. 

Blytheco’s mission: “We partner with our valued clients to help realize their business goals, by providing quality software solutions and exceptional knowledge and professional services.” 
Member since 2015.