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Designed in New York, amika is a professional hair care brand offering products that promote healthier hair. The amika Obliphica line of hair care, based on the Sea Buckthorn Berry, has repairing and replenishing properties. Additionally the company manufactures tools available in prints and colors inspired by runway fashions.

Launched in 2007, amika began with Shay and Nir Kadosh who were seeking a way to shake up the hair care category. “We wanted to create something fresh and different,” they said.

Vita Raykhman, amika Creative Director said the concept was simple: “take a styling tool beyond its utility and turn it into an accessory as well as provide beauty professionals to connect with the products they love.”

To ensure that products meet the company’s goal, the product development team comprises a network of professional stylists and members of the business development, marketing and design teams.   Today, amika offers approximately 30 products that are found in more than 30 companies.

Getting the word out about amika includes a comprehensive plan with campaigns in each of the following: public relations, advertising and event initiatives. Social media also plays an important role in building strong relationships for a strong brand.

“We find that our success is a collective effort between all of our marketing commitments. Respective extensions of amika marketing initiatives reach all facets of our audience,” said Shay and Nir Kadosh.


Amika has plans for new product introductions in each of its categories: styling, treatment products and tools. Success has come as they carefully watch for changes in market conditions. But they say that operating in multiple countries helps keep a balance. Amika is committed to creating, developing and growing amika’s name and team.

A member since 2012, they say, “As a young independent brand, ICMAD has helped amika gain industry credibility.”

A final recipe for success, according to Shay and Nir Kadosh, “We are an independently owned company. We  encourage a dynamic culture where creativity can flow freely. This is a huge asset to amika.”

The company works through its core pillars, which is also its motto: “Fashion. Innovation. Artistry.” amika commits to its mission of infusing innovation with creativity.