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Alchimie Forever



In 2004, co-creator of Alchimie Forever, Ada Polla set out to launch her family’s Swiss-based skincare line in the U.S. to communicate her family’s passion about the science of anti-aging skincare. As a family business, Ada works with her father, Dr. Luigi Polla, and her mother, Dr. Barbara Polla. Alchimie Forever blends both doctors’ appreciation for skincare as a ritual and their expertise in anti-aging to provide an at-home / at-spa experience unlike any other.

The inspiration behind Alchimie Forever is two-fold. It begins with Barbara’s idea that taking care of one’s skin should be viewed as an essential ritual instead of a chore. She believed that “looking good, means feeling good, means doing good.” This phrase became the brand’s philosophy and was further strengthened by Luigi’s use of lasers, leading to his keen understanding that how a person looks is vitally important to his/her overall well-being.

Alchimie Forever’s formulations are dermatologist-tested and designed to solve immediate and long-term skin concerns. Combining Swiss quality with botanicals, Alchimie Forever provides visible results for all skin types and a calm, bright complexion for even the most sensitive skin. Alchimie Forever develops its products collaboratively. Dr. Luigi Polla and Anne Pouillot, Director of R&D, put forth new development ideas for the team to brainstorm and then create the formulations. The entire team tests the prototypes (we never test on animals, only on employees!) and has an open and honest dialogue about the texture, aroma, color, results, packaging—all of it. “Before we finalize a launch, we need to all agree that every aspect of the product is perfect. And that’s made harder because our U.S. team members and Swiss team members have to agree,” says Ada.


From a social media perspective, the most successful efforts are typically the most personal: from images that expose what’s happening behind the scenes to photographs of the Polla sisters. Our community appreciates anything that gives a glimpse into the fun of creating product and the humor involved in family business.

“The only constant is change… We have adapted our distribution to market response (moving from dermatology offices to a spa/boutique distribution). We have adapted to our partners’ feedback and to our consumer’s demands. In terms of the recent market conditions, we have adapted by doing even more with less, by trimming our expenses and being more creative,” she says

ICMAD was great resource when we launched our line in the U.S.; Coming from Switzerland, we needed to learn about the regulatory framework. The ICMAD manuals on FDA, FTC, packaging and labeling, were invaluable. Thus, the motto, “Self care through skin care,” shows Alchimie Forever’s pioneering background in lasers and dermatology and makes our company unique.