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New Webinar - "Medical Devices for the Cosmetic Endpoint"

Date: 10/11/2018

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ICMAD Presents Brand New Webinar

"Medical Devices for the Cosmetic Endpoint"

Developing a new medical/cosmetic device whose technology is already classified by the FDA vs. developing a device with novel technology can have different development pathways and timelines.  These pathways and how the device could be classified under the FDA system of classification (e.g. class I , II, III) will be discussed. The implications of being given a certain classification, as well as what you can say in marketing materials based on that classification will be highlighted.  This webinar will also address the issue of approaching a claims support study for any medical device product that produces a cosmetic endpoint. We will discuss the different types of claims available and how they are supported as well as the science of study deign for these unique products. 


Date: October 11, 2018
Time: 1:00 EST
Cost: $75 Member / $95 Non-Member 




                                          Craig Weiss                                      Dr. Robb Akridge
                      President, Consumer Product Testing Co.  Founder/CEO, REA Innovations
                        Chair, ICMAD Tech/Reg Committee                  ICMAD Board Member