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Young Designers 2016

Posted Date: 02/18/2016
Location: Newport Beach, CA

Keynote Speaker: Chris Birchby, COOLA Suncare

Chris Birchby, Eco-Entrepreneur and founder of COOLA Suncare, was the keynote speaker and award presenter. He was honored to present the Young Designers Awards, and told the finalists to emerge themselves in the business, look for inspiration everywhere and keep your brand true to your vision.  He believes to have a successful business you need to have a collaborative effort, the "team" is what is  important. Find yourself the best people, surround yourself with them and share ideas.

The two honorable mentions went to: Esther Betancourt for "Tey Makeup Remover Lotion" and Sarah El Mouden for " DOCs Orders".

The three student winners: The third place award was presented to Stephen Finley, for “Bearded Dragon.” Emily Lora Harris won second place for “Cloak." Nicole Shepherd received the first place award for “Udder Madness" 


Photography by: Jessica Sterling