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Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum

The Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum History

The ICMAD Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum was created in 2005 by the ICMAD Technical/Regulatory/Legislative Committee to provide a practical, more business-oriented follow-up to the popular ICMAD/FDA Cosmetic Regulatory Workshops.

The format is continually being updated in response to requests from member companies for more information on specific topics and for expert assessments on the latest issues that have captured the attention of consumers, regulators, and the industry.

The forum provides a year's worth of information in just two days!

Get your questions answered and bring your staff to the biggest Technical and Regulatory meeting of the year.

ICMAD's Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum is one of the most popular cosmetics forums on the West Coast.

Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum

  • 2020 Cosmetic Technical Regulatory Forum

    February 18, 2020

    This 2-day forum provides updated information on topics that could have significant business impact. Presentations are focused on emerging legal, technical, legislative, and regulatory issues. Awareness of the upcoming changes in the sunscreen monograph or the re-emergence of another Federal Bill on cosmetics safety is critical for anticipation of business needs. In-depth workshops will focus on a variety of topics including the most potent challenges our industry faces in the U.S. and globally.

  • Technical/Regulatory Forum 2019

    February 19, 2019

    Since 2005, the ICMAD Technical/Regulatory/Legislative Committee has provided a practical, business-oriented conference.

  • Cosmetic Technical/Regulatory Forum-2018

    February 13, 2018

    Since 2005, the ICMAD Technical/Regulatory/Legislative Committee has provided a practical, business-oriented conference.

2005 – First Technical/Regulatory Forum – February11 at The Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel, NY

2006 – Technical/Regulatory Forum- February 23 at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club, CA

2007 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-May 10 at The Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel (cancelled), NY

2008 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 21 at The Westin Long Beach, CA

2009 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 26 at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club, CA

2010 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 25-26 at The Balboa Bay Club & Resort, CA

2011 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 24 at The Balboa Bay Club & Resort, CA

2012 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-April 26 at The Vanderbilt Suites, NY

2013 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 14-15 at The Balboa Bay Club & Resort, CA

2014 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-March 6 at Le Meridien Delfina, CA

2015 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 5 at The Island Hotel, CA

2016 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 17 at The Island Hotel, CA

2017 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 09 & 10 at the Balboa Bay Resort, CA

2018 – Technical/Regulatory Forum-February 19 & 20 at the Westdrift Autograph Collection Hotel, CA

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