COVID 19 Industry Updates – The Impact on Independent Companies

The ICMAD Board of Directors and its Committees are made up of members who have the expertise and knowledge to support and move the industry forward. Committees are made up of both members and nonmembers. Please make sure to visit the Board and Committee pages to learn more.

Board Member Spotlights

An Ounce of Prevention is Still Worth a Pound of Cure - a Case for the Importance of Research

Jennifer Stansbury, The Benchmarking Company

In conference rooms and at board meetings across the country, CEOs, executives, and marketing managers regularly ponder how their brands can stay relevant and viable in today’s competitive and crowded beauty landscape.  And well they should — we all know how quickly today’s beauty darling can be tomorrow’s shelf warmer.  But after working for decades with beauty brands of all sizes: large corporate giants, indie newbies, and everything in-between, I’ve come to believe a better question we should all be asking ourselves is: what does the research say?

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Lessons From the Lab

Susan Goldsberry, President & CEO, Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories

When I started working in the cosmetic industry in the ‘80s, there was little to no outsourcing or transparency, and the industry was dominated mainly by “big players”.  Everyone worked in their own lane.  Major companies had their own internal R&D laboratories and product development departments, and innovation was rarely outsourced.  Today, the lines between the “lanes” are blurred and some might say that barriers have been completely eroded.  Companies promote themselves to be “one-stop shops,” and no matter the years of experience or level of accomplishment, everyone is now an “expert.”

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Growing A Business – Experiences to Guide Your Thinking

Sanjiv Mehra, Co-Founder, eos Products

ICMAD is a vibrant community of business owners and leaders in the cosmetics industry.  Our businesses include brands, factories, labs, and consultancies and our customers and suppliers are all around the world.  A common challenge for many of us is how to grow our business and build operating scale.  We all see many opportunities to grow but we also see the competitive and cost barriers to achieving success.  While each of our experiences is unique, from my experience, here are a few thoughts to guide your thinking as you build your business. 

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Launching Your Brand: The Dos and Don’ts

Daniela Ciocan

As a leading beauty industry marketing expert, I understand the unique and powerful value organizations like ICMAD bring to entrepreneurs and business builders and that’s why I am thrilled to serve on its board.  It has been my passion to help beauty brands connect with retailers, distributors, media, and influencers throughout my career.  ICMAD provides so many opportunities to both network and get the resources and support a company needs to thrive.  I encourage all entrepreneurs to seek out organizations and communities to help support their goals.


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Helping Brands Get to Market Faster

Chris James, Executive Vice President, East Hill Industries

As a cosmetic packaging supplier to the beauty market, we like to think we have a feel for the pulse of the industry.  With that said, one thing is clear: you cannot help brands bring new products to market fast enough! Brands are pressured to be first to market with their product, which in turn puts the pressure on their packaging partner.  The market drives us all to move faster and faster, while the results must be nothing less than perfect.  One of the bright spots of this ever-increasing challenge is that it encourages all of us to find ways to improve in all aspects of what we do.

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Healthy Ageing in Action

Carrie Gross, President & CEO, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

My husband and I started Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare almost 20 years ago and our mission has always been to help each person we touch achieve their best skin with the purpose of inspiring self-confidence.  We find joy and satisfaction in helping people enhance their natural beauty.  Dennis – a NYC dermatologist – disrupted the beauty industry when he asked women to peel daily with the launch of the Alpha Beta Peel for at-home use.  From this moment on, our promise became to provide people with proven, simple, clinical skincare that delivers transformative results, and our mantra? To Live Skin Positive!

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Key Active Ingredient

Laurent-Emmanuel Saffré, President & CEO, Pierre Fabre USA

From the day I began my training as a pharmacist in the southwest of France, to my graduation from a business school in France, my dream had always been to work in the healthcare and beauty industries in the USA.  Along my professional journey this dream has come true and now I’ve received the great honor of joining the ICMAD Board of Directors.

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Growing Your Business Requires Growing Yourself

Worth Turner, President, Colorado Quality Products

Earlier this year I was gifted Ray Dalio’s book, “Principles: Life and Work.” Dalio is the founder and former Co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds. The book sat next to a dozen other books on my bedside table, all silently judging my nightly iPhone scanning. After too many proclamations to my wife about reading more in the future, I finally picked up Principles. The timing was perfect.

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How To Sell Your Brand

Jane Iredale, Founder & President, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Our brand will be 24-years-old next April.  I began alone with one product, a mineral powder foundation called Amazing Base and I didn't have a clue what to do with it! I knew it was a good product, something that the market needed, but where did it fit in? Finding the right place for it was key to our early success.



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How To Build Your Brand Globally and Domestically: Doing Well by Doing Good

Pamela S. Viglielmo, President, MENAJI Worldwide

I started my career with a background in business based on an academic foundation in languages and international relations. I focused on the energy sector and politics, but was always drawn to fashion and art.
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Make It Matter

Elizabeth Corrigan, Founder, The Complete Package

Do a Google search for the term “work-life balance” and you will find a plethora of information and resources.  The workforce has been experiencing a mass transition with baby boomers leaving the workforce and millennials moving in.  Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025 and they are challenging conventional thinking about what a modern career looks like.
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The Golden Age of Indie Brands...Or Is It?

Chris Hobson, President & CEO, Iontera, Inc.

When I started as a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, ahem...over 20 years ago, the brand landscape was very different from what we see today.  Building on decades, even centuries, of brandbuilding experience, we were taught to develop products based on the broadest consumer insights and preferences, go to market with the largest retailers, and to flood the airwaves with millions of dollars’ worth of interruption-based advertising.
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Staying Relevant in Competitive Times

Lisa Thurman, Founder, Amazing Cosmetics

It’s interesting when I think about the challenges my partner and I faced when we were a startup so many years ago. There are more challenges now than ever. When we launched AMAZINGCOSMETICS® 17 years ago, we truly had no idea the changes that would occur in the beauty sector.
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Six Key Traits for Successful Entrepreneurship

Jerry Rauchwerger, President, Beauty Solutions, Ltd.

It is common to think about starting your own company and stepping out on your own.  You have an idea and you get excited.  And even more so, it is intriguing to think about being your own boss! However, carefully weighing the positives and negatives, the potential risks and gains, is very important.

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From Startup to Global Expansion – Tips to Guide Your Thinking

Sanjiv Mehra, Co-Founder, eos Products

The last decade has possibly been one of the best times to start a cosmetics business. The digital revolution has effectively fueled a power shift from manufacturers to consumers. 
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Manufacturing Best Practices

Joseph Atencio, Partner, Yellow Wood Partners

Congratulations! You had a fantastic idea for a product line, and are getting a great response from retailers; now it’s time to turn your idea into a reality.  Ensuring that you have the right manufacturing partner is a critical step in your long-term success.
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Deconstructing Cosmetic Claims

Craig Weiss, President, Consumer Product Testing Company

In today’s competitive environment claims may be the difference between a product you can’t keep on the shelves and one you wish never made it off the formulator’s bench.

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Packaging and Branding: Telling the Brand Story

Tracy Holland, Managing Partner, HATCHBEAUTY

Imagine that you are shopping in your favorite beauty store. As you browse the aisles or website what makes you stop to learn more about a specific product or brand?

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Men’s Grooming Market Update

Curran Dandurand, Founder of Jack Black, LLC

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal covered how men are shopping more like women – they buy on impulse, they scan websites for style ideas, they try new brands and fall for trends.
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The Benefits of Trade Shows for Your Bottom Line

Daniela Ciocan, Director of Marketing, Cosmoprof North America

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of trade shows that take place each year across every industry imaginable. This abundance of events is due to the fact that trade shows are an effective marketing and sales tool.
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Regulations in Canada

Robert Ross-Fichtner, President & CEO, Focal Point Research, Inc

Many people ask me, “what’s it like to live and work in Canada?” Oftentimes, this comes with several assumptions: 1. It must be very cold, 2. You live in small rural towns, 3. It must be very similar to the United States because we share a huge border.

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Cosmetics- The Production of Safe Products

Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder & President, Clarisonic/L’Oreal Luxury Division

Recent buzz from media and special interest groups suggesting cosmetic products are not safe seems to be in contradiction to the majority of consumer attitudes and purchasing habits.

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