COVID 19 Industry Updates – The Impact on Independent Companies


Voicing the concerns of small business entrepreneurs is part of ICMAD’s DNA. In 1974, a proposal for additional cosmetics regulations energized eight companies that founded the association known as the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors.

Since that time, ICMAD has kept small and mid-sized cosmetics and personal care companies informed of the laws and regulations that affect their growth and success, while advocating on their behalf to ensure that any legislation is science-based, fair, and not detrimental.  After all, our members belong to the industry sector that provides both innovation and jobs, which is small business.

Many times over our history, legislation has been proposed that would affect small cosmetics businesses to a far greater extent than their much larger colleagues.  ICMAD has been active in insisting that your companies’ concerns be addressed.  To a large extent, ICMAD has been successful in standing up for our small business members.  We intend to continue our efforts on your behalf.

Learn about the current issues that could impact your business, how to let your elected officials know your concerns, how you can contribute in a meaningful way to ICMAD’s advocacy efforts, and where you can go to become more informed about these policies.


Click the link above to visit a page with resources to find your federal, state and local representatives.


The electronic Code of Federal Regulations shows Title 21, Food and Drugs, and contains federal regulations for cosmetics in Subpart B.

This State of California site allows visitors to search the status of legislation as well as bills in the SenateAlso available is the history of the bill, analyses, and votes.

This New York State Senate site allows visitors to browse the current laws of New York organizaed by subject matter.  You can also search for changes to the laws (knows as "bills") which have been proposed by members of the Senate, members of the Assembly, and the Governor.

The American Council on Science and Health is the homepage for  “The best source of useful and objective science on food and health"—Terence Corcoran, columnist, The National Post (Canada).”