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Board Member Spotlights

Staying Relevant in Competitive Times

Lisa Thurman

It’s interesting when I think about the challenges my partner and I faced when we were a startup so many years ago. There are more challenges now than ever. When we launched AMAZINGCOSMETICS® 17 years ago, we truly had no idea the changes that would occur in the beauty sector. It’s been a wild ride for sure! What keeps us in the game is the positive affect products and messaging can have on people. It still never ceases to amaze us how impactful a beauty product can be on a person’s sense of self; of the building up of their confidence. It’s honestly what keeps us going.
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Six Key Traits for Successful Entrepreneurship

Jerry Rauchwerger

It is common to think about starting your own company and stepping out on your own.  You have an idea and you get excited.  And even more so, it is intriguing to think about being your own boss! However, carefully weighing the positives and negatives, the potential risks and gains, is very important.  It is not for everyone, as working for yourself comes with a plethora of challenges and pitfalls; some financially burdening and others that take away much of your freedom.  It is challenging to keep yourself positive in difficult moments.  I assure you, I did not wake up one day and decide to start my own business.  I wanted to challenge myself and see if I had the abilities, knowing that I had the ambition and energy.

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From Startup to Global Expansion – Tips to Guide Your Thinking

Sanjiv Mehra

The last decade has possibly been one of the best times to start a cosmetics business.  The digital revolution has effectively fueled a power shift from manufacturers to consumers. The consequence has been a significant benefit to beauty startups by giving them access to distribution, virtually for free, and by enabling them to directly engage with consumers to communicate authenticity and to create a richer brand experience.  As expected, this has prompted a wave of new entrants in many country/product combinations.
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Manufacturing Best Practices

Joseph Atencio, Consultant to the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Congratulations! You had a fantastic idea for a product line, and are getting a great response from retailers; now it’s time to turn your idea into a reality.  Ensuring that you have the right manufacturing partner is a critical step in your long-term success.  I’m writing this article with a focus on independent brand companies who are evaluating contract manufacturers.  
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Deconstructing Cosmetic Claims

Craig Weiss, President, Consumer Product Testing Company

In today’s competitive environment claims may be the difference between a product you can’t keep on the shelves and one you wish never made it off the formulator’s bench.

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Packaging and Branding: Telling the Brand Story

Tracy Holland, Managing Partner, HATCHBEAUTY

Imagine that you are shopping in your favorite beauty store. As you browse the aisles or website what makes you stop to learn more about a specific product or brand?

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Men’s Grooming Market Update

Curran Dandurand, Founder of Jack Black, LLC

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal covered how men are shopping more like women – they buy on impulse, they scan websites for style ideas, they try new brands and fall for trends.
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The Benefits of Trade Shows for Your Bottom Line

Daniela Ciocan, Director of Marketing, Cosmoprof North America

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of trade shows that take place each year across every industry imaginable. This abundance of events is due to the fact that trade shows are an effective marketing and sales tool.
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Regulations in Canada

Robert Ross-Fichtner, President & CEO, Focal Point Research, Inc

Many people ask me, “what’s it like to live and work in Canada?” Oftentimes, this comes with several assumptions: 1. It must be very cold, 2. You live in small rural towns, 3. It must be very similar to the United States because we share a huge border. There is a little bit of fact and fiction in each of these questions.

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Cosmetics- The Production of Safe Products

Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder & President, Clarisonic/L’Oreal Luxury Division

Recent buzz from media and special interest groups suggesting cosmetic products are not safe seems to be in contradiction to the majority of consumer attitudes and purchasing habits.

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